IBIZA MARINAS All about the Marinas, Sport Ports, Seaports and small ports of Ibiza
All about the Marinas, Sport Ports, Seaports and small ports of Ibiza

Ibiza Marinas belong to the best and most prestigious ports of Europe and are frequented by the seafaring jet set, in their mega cruisers and super yachts, navigating from various fashionable places in the world, towards the exclusive settings of the Balearic island of Ibiza, with its fabulous coastline, beaches and water- and weather conditions, acknowledged as one of the most trendy spots where the rich & famous moor, to spend their Summers. Port dues and prices for berths and moorings can add up in Summer and make sure to reserve rental moorings well in advance.
Your alternative is: IB Ports (http://www.portsib.es) that manage moorings in all the big ports of Ibiza.

The marinas of Ibiza offer safe moorings (all together over 2,500 berths) that accommodate vessels up to 60m and up, and provide their sailing guests all port services incl. petrol and various shipyard facilities, incl. ramps and docks with cranes, and a wide range of nautical & commercial services.
A few of the sport ports of Ibiza are home to some of the most controversial yacht clubs of the world.

Sport Ports / MARINAS Ibiza
Puertos Deportivos:
Ibiza Nueva (Talamanca)
Marina Botafoch
Puerto Deportivo Coralmar
Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eularia
Ecological buoys Ibiza
Boyas de Ses Salines
Nautical Clubs Ibiza
Clubs Nauticos Ibiza:
Club Nautico de Ibiza
Club ES Nàutic de Sant Antoni
Port Deportivo Formentera Marina
Puerto Deportivo Formentera Mar

Find all you need to know about Seaports, Small Ports and Yacht rental services in Ibiza:

Seaports of Ibiza

Seaports OF IBIZA

Ibiza islands’ three main ports are the seaports found in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio where in Summer daily arrivals and departures of Acciona, Balearia and Iscomar ferry crossings, take place connecting Ibiza island with ports on the Spanish mainland, and the other Balearic islands, Mallorca, Menorca (via Mallorca) and, several times a day, with Formentera.
These advanced ports of Ibiza host shipping lines and docks for both passengers and cargo, cruise terminals and upmarket marinas.
By the hour, the ports are frequented by container & cruise ships, sailing & fishing boats, ferries and private yachts and speedboats that seek long-term or short-term berths.

Balearic Port Authorities
Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares
Acces Molls Nord, S/N
07800 Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
Puerto de Eivissa
Tel.:+34 971 310 611
Fax.:+34 971 310 400
Small Ports of Ibiza

Small Ports of Ibiza

In addition to the main ports and Marinas, already mentioned, one of the real Ibiza pleasures is navigating its waters, to find the best places to anchor and spend the night on board, or at any of the nearby villages.
Anchoring can be done in many small ports offering security for the night, safe from winds or storm.

From the natural sea port Port de Sant Miquel, north of the island, (formerly a traditional place of shipment of agricultural products, exported off the island by sea), sailing eastward, to continue the tour of the island you’ll find Benirràs , Cala des Porcs , Portinatx, Cala Sant Vicent, (passing Santa Eulalia), Cala Llonga (passing Ibiza), Purroig, Cala Vedella, Port des Torrent (passing Sant Antoni), Cala Salada and finally Cala Portitxol.

* The main warning for anchoring: Keep away from Posidonia Oceanica fields.
The prairies of this plant, not algae, are primarily responsible for cleaning the waters of  Ibiza, being considered, along with landmarks of the island, a Human Heritage Site.

At these natural harbors, and others (Cala Martina , Talamanca, Figueretes, etc.) you will find piers, being starting point of many small cruises sailing to other parts of the Ibiza coast or where you can rent boats as a charter to make excursions off the amazing coast of Ibiza or to the islands Formentera or Es Vedra.
Along the coast line you will find many companies dedicated to water sports, such as sailing and diving.



Ibiza Marina: Nueva MARINA IBIZA
- Paseo Juan Carlos I, 20, 07800, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Tel.: +34 971 318 040 - Fax: +34 971 199 355
- Radio: Channel 9
website: www.marinaibiza.com
38º54’55.08’ N - Longitude 1º26’38.18’ E
One of Europe’s most prestigious marinas is the Marina Ibiza.
An exclusive contemporary upmarket marina, where elegant design is combined with functionality, showcasing an exclusive, luxury way of life.
Centrally located, in the centre of Ibiza town.
(southwest corner of Ibiza island, 11 nautical miles from Formentera)
* 539 moorings berths for ships up to 60 meter and mega yachts
* draught 6m
* sales & rental of moorings for mega yachts

3 docks:
- north dock: small & medium size vessels
- dry dock: winter storage, repairs and revising
- south dock: exclusive for mega yachts
* exclusive services, incl. pumping of bilge, contaminated water and sewage
* telephone, television, WiFi internet, car park with security 24-7

* restaurant "Lio", serving excellent food & daily cabaret show
* famous Blue Marlin Beach Club,
* easy access to shopping and nightlife area
* Spectacular views towards DALT VILA and cathedral

Ibiza marina: MARINA BOTAFOCH Puerto Deportiva Ibiza
- Marina Botafoch, Paseo Marítimo s/n 7800, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 311 711 - Fax: +34 971 311 557
- website: www.marinabotafoch.com
- Longitude 01° 27’E
The second upmarket Marina of Ibiza, Marina Botafoch, is situated in the northern part of the Port of Ibiza Town (in the South East of the island) and provides a wide range of nautical and commercial services and visitors will find various famous bars (Blue Marlin), clubs, restaurants (Lio), shops and entertainment within easy reach.
* 428 moorings - berths for ships from 6 - 30 m
* individual meters for water- & electricity, W-Lan internet & telephone
* shipyard facilities: dry dock, crane (lifting capacity 40 tons), travel-lift, forklift, petrol station
* emergency service 24-7
wide range of nautical & commercial services
easy access to: historical City centre, shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, yacht chandlers & agencies
Ibiza Marina, IBIZA MAGNA

Ibiza Marina: IBIZA MAGNA
- Contramuelle de Poniente del Puerto de Ibiza, 07800, Ibiza,
  Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 193 870 - Fax: +34 971 193 890
- Radio: Channel VHF 9
website: www.ibizamagna.com
- Latitude 38° 54’N - Longitude 01° 20’E
Excellent and exclusive mooring for the latest super-yachts, in prime location at the foot of the historic upper town of Ibiza, DALT VILA, with prestigious yacht club for the rich and famous.
Also point of departure for maritime excursions and cruises
* 85 moorings - berths for mega yachts up to 60 meter
* draught 10m
* sailor service to help moor your ship
* fire protection + security service 24-7
* diver service
extra: laundry service and easy access to: shops, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions

Ibiza Marina: Club Náutico Ibiza
- office: Avda. Santa Eulalia, s/n. Puerto de Ibiza, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- port location: Puerto de Ibiza, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 313 363 - Fax: +34 971 194 335
- Radio: Channel 9
website: www.clubnauticoibiza.com
Club Náutico Ibiza - Ibiza Yacht Club - is the second oldest port of the Balearic Islands. Today it is a modern marina that facilitates Sailing Courses, Regattas and also provide a wide range of mooring and yachting services to their sailing guests.
- Latitude 38° 54’N - Longitude 1° 26’E
* 300 moorings - berths for both sail and motor yachts up to 18 meter
* draught 2m
* facilities: dry dock
* professional yachting & maintenance services
extra: supermarket
Ibiza Marina, CORALMAR IBIZA Marina Life Ports

Ibiza Marina: CORALMAR IBIZA - Marina Life Ports
- office: LIFE PORTS, S.L - Puerto Coralmar Ibiza - Tel: +34 902 367 910
port location: Cala Corral, San José, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Radio: Channel 9
website: www.puertocoralmaribiza.com
- Latitude 38° 56’N - Longitude 1° 14’E
Puerto Deportivo Coralmar Ibiza aka Marina Life Ports, is a small restorated sport port (by Life Grup), or marina, situated in Cala Corral on the west side of the Balearic island Ibiza, in Sant Josep de Sa Talaya, near Cala Tarida, and some of the most famous beaches in Ibiza.
57 moorings - berths for ships up to 11 meter
draught 2m
  services, incl. water & electricity
nautical facilities incl. crane & fuel dispenser
Ecological buoys Ibiza, BOYAS de SES SALINES








Ecological buoys Ibiza: Boyas de Ses Salines Ses Salines Buoys
- Ses Salines, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- PROJECTE LIFE POSIDONIA - http://lifeposidonia.caib.es/
- Avda. Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga, 33
Anchoring reservation: +34 902 422 425
online: www.balearslifeposidonia.eu - check: anchoring conditions
- Latitude 38° 50’N - Longitude 1° 23’E
Ses Salinas, famous for its great sea salt production in the past, today is one off the most famous Summer beaches of Ibiza, attracting many trendy visitors.
In 2006 one of the oldest and largest meadows of Posidonia oceania, (important purifying seagrass), was discovered south of Ibiza in the Ses Salines Natural Park. To protect the seagrass meadows and prevent damage caused by anchors, the Department of Environment and Agriculture Territory placed 110 green buoys in Ibiza and Formentera to regulate recreational mooring, between June and September and furthermore inform all visitors on the PROJECT LIFE POSIDONIA.
Anchoring, under strictly regulated use of the buoys, can only be requested online (up to 2-20 days in advance for a maximum of 2 nights per week) and are granted by the Ministry of Environment - Conselleria de Medi Ambient - through reservation center, phone or website.
New buoys for larger boats will be installed in the Formentera area:
7 zone s’Alga s’Espalmador - Badia and 3 zone s’Oli Calo
19 moorings - for ships up to 15 meter
Lengths available:
Funding up to 8 meters (buoys No. 9)
From 8 to 15 meters (buoys No. 30)
draught 9.50 meters
* Only available between June 1 and September 30 of each season

Ibiza Marina & Jachtclub San Antonio: ES NAUTIC
- Paseo Marítimo, S/N, 07820, Sant Antoni de Portmany,
  Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 340 645 - Fax: +34 971 345 607
- Radio: Channel 9
website: www.esnautic.com
- Latitude 38° 58’N - Longitude 01° 18’E
Recently renovated and upgraded into a contemporary yacht club (900 members) & marina, serving the nautical needs of their sailing guests and offering all kinds of innovative services, recreational boating.
ES NAUTIC also facilitates a Nautical Academy offering various sailing courses for adults and kids.
Berths for motor boats, sailing boats, catamarans, Llauds (traditional work boats), Jet Skis, Tenders (service ships).
The upgraded luxury yacht club & marina of San Antonio, is located on the west coast of the island.
* 578 moorings  - berths for ships up to 50 meter
* draught 9m
* shipyard services incl. Travelift, ramp service
* petrol station
* CCTV security system & staff 24-7
* winter moorings, supply, maintenance & tug service, free WiFi service
incl. social centre, restaurant & shop
located in the city center, within walking distance from Café del Mar, Sunset Strip and clubs & bars in the West End of San Antonio
Ibiza Marina, Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulalia


Ibiza Marina: PuerTo Deportivo de SANTA EULALIA
- Edificio Capitanía s/nº, C.P 07840, Santa Eularia del Riu
  Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 336 161
- Radio: Channel 9
website: www.puertodeportivosantaeulalia.com
Latitude 38° 59’N - Longitude 01° 23’E
This yacht club & marina in the center of the village of Santa Eulalia, on the east coast of the island of Ibiza, with yacht chandlers & agencies and shops, bars & restaurants in the harbor, provides easy access to the bustling city centre.
* 755 moorings  - berths for ships up to 25 meter
* draught 5m
* facilities: gas station, dry dock, crane (6 t)
* extensive nautical services for vessels up to 22 m
extra: within walking distance of 2 beautiful beaches and entertainment
Marina Formentera, LA SAVINA

Marina & Sport Dock de Formentera Dársena Deportiva La Savina
- Port of La Savina, 07870 Formentera, Balearics, Spain
- Tel: +34 971 322 346 - Fax: +34 971 321 033
- Radio: Channel VHF 9
website: www.marinadeformentera.com
- Latitude 38° 44’N - Longitude 01° 25’W
This completely renovated to 5 star marina, located on the NW coast of the Mediterranean island of Formentera, is protected from all winds. This part of the island has beaches and dunes alternated with salt water lagoons.
64 moorings  - berths for ships from 8 to megayachts of 38 meter
* draught in mouth : 3.5 to 4 meters.
draught in dock : 2.5 to 3.5 meters.
Port services incl, diving center, showers, restaurants & bars, shops
* facilities: petrol station & comprehensive service nearby
* Mooring services incl. water, electricity, WiFi, surveillance 24-7,
extra: activities and events
Marina Formentera, FORMENTERA MAR

Marina Formentera: PuerTo Deportiva FORMENTERA MAR
- Torre de Capitanía, Puerto de La Savina, 07870
   Formentera, Balearics, Spain
- Tel:
+34 971 323 235 - Fax: +34 971 322 222
website: www.formenteramar.com
- Latitude 38°44’N - Longitude 01° 25’8’’E
Puerto Deportiva Formentera Mar, located southeast of the Balearic Islands (11 miles from the Port of Ibiza), is very busy and expensive in Summer. The port facilitates all services to their seafaring jetset guests, and provides easy access to some of the best beaches and harbors of the Mediterranean.
90 moorings - berths for yachts from 8 tot - 30 meter
draught in mouth : 3.5 to 4 meters.
draught in dock : 2.5 to 3.5 meters.
Port facilities & services incl, customers service, diving center, showers, restaurants & bars, shops, accommodations
Mooring services incl. water, electricity, WiFi,
Shipyard services incl. petrol station, repairs & maintenance, surveillance 24-7, dry dock with Travelift 32 t
Environmental services incl. collection of oil, hydrocarbon, glass, paper & cardboard and waste
Yacht Charters and Yacht Sales, Yachting Services, Brokerage and Moorings Ibiza and Formentera, Balearics, Mediterranean

Yacht Charters & Yacht Sales, Yachting Services,
Brokerage & Moorings

Ibiza & Formentera,
Balearics, Mediterranean
Boat specialists IBIYACHTS, situated in Marina Botafoch, provide excellent bespoke yachting services, extensive rental and sales portfolio of new & used boats and moorings in the Balearics.
Nautica Botafoch S.L.
Ibiza Port - Ibiza Town, Balearics, Spain
Provide touristic maritime transport & ferry services in Ibiza between May and November.
Their special cruises, by traditional ferry boats, depart from various ports and bring you to the Hippy market, Dalt Vila from sea, Formentera, Pirate Caves, Sunset at Benirrás, Dolphin spotting or an island tour.
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